So...that typewriter you see up in the tool bar?  No, I don't actually use one (anymore).  I've been writing plays for a looong time though (since the early 80s), banging out my first three on an electric Corona before PCs became commonplace.  In the 90s, I took a long detour into film & TV with so-so success.  I came back to theatre in 2009, teaching drama in middle school for 4 years, then high school for the past 6. In that time, I have been writing plays again and staging them with teen actors to enthusiastic audiences.


It's tough to get plays published without reviews or a professional or NYC production.  So I'm turning to the interwebs here to put my scripts out there in the hopes of drumming up more productions. Take a look, read some of my material - and if you like what you see and want to produce anything, drop me a line and let's talk. Thanks for stopping by!


- Bernie DeLeo

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