Genre: Crime Novel/Satire, 364 pages


In a world of super-powered heroes and villains, Mike Riggs is cape-and-cowl cannon fodder -- and he's having a midlife crisis. He can operate laser cannons and sonic bazookas, drive 18-wheelers to wrecking balls, and pilot anything from a jetpack to a jump jet.  He’s seen it all, done it all, fought ‘em all.  The only thing he doesn’t have?  A super-power of his own.


In Henchmen, a world-weary Riggs is serving a 30-year sentence, when he’s offered a chance to wipe the slate clean. All he has to do is infiltrate C.A.N.C.E.R. (The Criminal Acquisition Network for the Control of Economies and Regions) a powerful female-run cabal hell-bent on taking over America – and rat them out to The Man. Riggs reluctantly agrees, and as an undercover underling, he re-examines all of the choices he’s made that have landed him here. 


Complicating matters, in a secret lair half a mile below ground, he discovers the greatest super-power of all: love.  Now with something to live for, can he & his scientist-squeeze get out alive – with the government, the caped community and the world’s most lethal crime cartel hot on their heels? 


Henchmen is an action-packed, affectionate send-up of the entire superhero/villain genre from the point of view of an on-the-ground grunt, written by a lifelong comic book geek.

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