Genre: Full-length Drama, satire

Target audience: College, Professional theatres

Casting: minimum 9M, 3W (Can be expanded up to as many as 20M, 10W)

Sets: main set is a mock football stadium (with bleachers, scoreboard(s), sportcasters
    booth overhead with set pieces in/out as called for in script)

Running time: approx. 2 hours

Synopsis: College football coach Bud Blackwell is given an ultimatum by his school's Board of Trustees - win the national championship in 1 year or be fired. The pressure to win at all costs forces Coach Blackwell to sell out his principles and cheat. He sinks further into unethical behavior, but wins a bid to that year's Sugar Bowl. But everything comes to a screeching halt when a young teacher discovers academic fraud to keep athletes eligible, and she plans to blow the whistle to the N.C.A.A. The Board chairman sanctions violence to keep the teacher quiet, but when it blows up in the press, Blackwell is tagged as the scapegoat for the erupting scandals and must fight back to regain his scruples and clear his once-good name. A hard-hitting satire about the college sports machine.

Production history:

- First workshopped at the Mt. Sequoyah New Play Retreat, Fayetteville, AR, June 1991

- Staged reading, Players Theatre (Columbus, OH), Summer 1991
- Staged reading, Cast Theatre (Los Angeles, CA), Fall 1991

- Workshop, John Harms Theatre, Englewood, NJ, May 1992 (Director: John Amos)

- World Premiere, Olney Theatre, Olney, MD; June 1992

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