Format/Genre: One-Act Comedy

Target Audience: Colleges, Community & Professional theatres

Casting: 2M, 2W (ages 20s)

Sets: Bare stage, towels, bench

Running time: 30 Minutes (can be performed with "Beached" as a companion piece)

Synopsis: It's summer on Chicago's concrete beach, and Dennis, a lonely med student, jogs and stops when he sees Arlene, an attractive young woman sunning herself.  Afraid to approach her, Dennis is confronted by his imagination in the exact same bathing-suit clad form as Arlene. The Images encourages him to practice on her, but Dennis turns her into every type of woman he fears who will reject him - or whom he can't possibly stand to be with. But just as she helps him work up his courage to connect with her, Dennis is beaten to the punch by Vince, a sexist asshole who ruins everyone's afternoon. As Dennis retreats home to lick his wounds, his sharp-tongued ego whips him with the knowledge that sometimes inaction can be worse than the risk of taking action.

Production History:

- Premiered at Rutgers University, Jamison Theatre, April 1987.

- Produced under the umbrella title "Tales from the Concrete Beach," Atlantic Theatre
   Festival, Pomona, NJ, June 1989.

Winner of the 1989 Warehouse Repertory Theatre, One-Act Award, Stephens College,
   Columbia, Mo.

Bernie DeLeo's "Lake Shore Drives" offers some sharp writing on the absolute terror of taking the first step toward romance.

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