Nerds in Love

Format/Genre: Comedy

Target Audience: Middle school, high school

Casting: 5M, 3W (lunch room extras welcome)

Sets: a middle school or high school cafeteria with minimum 2 tables & 8 chairs

Running time: 10 minutes

Synopsis:  In a school cafeteria, three nerdy boys (Nathaniel, Ian and Walter) ogle two popular girls, Amber & Nicole, while bemoaning their lowly social status. One day, Charlotte, a cute new girl, is rebuffed by the Populars and asks to sit at the Nerd Table. The three outcasts are instantly smitten with Charlotte, who takes an interest in their geekery, and they all jockey for her affections for the following week. But it turns out to be a ruse - when all three boys simultaneously ask her out, Amber & Nicole reveal that this was Charlotte's initiation into the Populars, and they invite her over to sit at the cool table. But Charlotte feels badly as she genuinely liked talking geekspeak, and she can't stand the cruelty of the fashionistas. Charlotte gets up and sits with the nerds anyway, rebuffing the Populars - which is broadcast on YouTube, knocking the mean girls down a few pegs. 

Production History:

- Premiered at MayFest Playfest 2012, a Fairfax County Public Schools one-act festival,

    Carl Sandburg Middle School, Alexandria, VA; May 2012 (Gold trophy winner)

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