Someone Save My Life Tonight

Format/Genre: One-Act Dramedy

Target Audience: High school, college, community & professional theatre

Casting: 6M, 7W minimum (can be expanded up to 10M, 12W)

Sets: bare stage, simple dining room and bedroom

Running time: 30 minutes

Synopsis: Dave Babbitt is a high school junior - who decides he's had enough of feeling worthless. He decides to end his life and one night downs his mother's Ambien. While waiting for the sleeping pills to do their job, he is visited by Alicia, the spirit of another dead teen, whose job it is to talk him out of suicide and to pick up the phone and call 911. As part of her mission, she shows Dave future timelines of what his futures could be like...if he doesn't end his life prematurely. A modern-day "It's A Wonderful Life" for this current high school generation.

Production History: unproduced

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