The Casserole Ladies

Genre:  Comedy

Pages:  115

Synopsis:  In small towns across the South, there's an age-old custom: when a married wife dies, unmarried women of a certain age swoop in with casseroles to comfort the new widower - and try to close him before the end of the funeral service.  This is the story of three such casserole ladies in Whiteville, North Carolina: June, a never-been-kissed spinster-in-the-making; Deena, a white trash good time gal & supermarket cashier; and Libby, a wealthy Junior Leaguer & reputed black widow (whose husbands keep dying on her).  As the story opens, we see all three make a play for newly widowed Del Selmon, a local good ol' boy - who conveniently expires on Libby after a trip to the altar. But when the real catch comes to town - Coleman Devine, a Richard Gere-clone with a full head of hair and a full bank account to match - it's all-out nuclear war.  Libby wins again, but Deena & June discover that Coleman's a snake in disguise -- he's a Yankee conman who woos rich women in small Southern towns, then cashes them and their money in after the wedding. Can the two frenemies reconcile their mutual hatred and get Libby to believe them?  A rollicking comedy about love, competition and Tuna Surprise.

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